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FAQ and Troubleshooting


 Are shared email folders affected by the password change?
No, they are accessed through your personal credentials and don't have any password of their own.
In which places do I have to update the password?
Thunderbird (or any other email client): twice - for IMAP (accessing mailbox) and SMTP (sending mailbox)
Web pages: Webmail, several portals (ICTS, Personnel, Diploma, etc.), Sigma
WiFi (eduroam) configuration
VPN configuration
NOT affected: Login to laptop, Login to Apple desktop, Time and Attendance, Filemaker databasses (SIS etc.), UNESCO password


After changing ICTP password

The password does not seem to have changed
The authentication server might not have accepted the new password, e.g. if it contains your name or is too similar to one of your previous passwords. We are working to improve the web interface so that it reports when the password was not updated successfully.
I cannot connect to eduroam
You have to insert the new password into your WiFi configuration. If you are not prompted automatically for a new password, you can either go to the WiFi settings to enter your new password (e.g. in Linux and Android) or tell your device to "forget" the eduroam network, and then choose it again and reenter your credentials.
On my Mac desktop, I get asked many times to enter the password for the login keychain
Open the application "Keychain Access". Try unlocking (File menu) the login keychain with your old password. If that works, you can change the keychain password (Edit menu) to match it with your new login password. Otherwise, but you will lose any credentials you might have stored in Safari etc., go to the Preferences of Keychain Access and click on "Reset My Default Keychains".
On my Mac, after running VPN_ICTP Setup without storing the password, my password entered at VPN connection is not accepted
Run VPN_ICTP Setup again and enter your ICTP password there so that it gets stored. This should work.

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