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Getting Started

To start using our computers you need your account information. You will find it printed on a card that you receive together with your name and proximity badges when you check in at the guest house. Username and password work for all ICTP computers in Windows and Linux, as well as for the wireless network. The user name is fixed but the password can be changed.

Before having the account information you can only use our Internet Kiosks in the Leonardo Building or connect your laptop computer by cable. There is also a two-page document in PDF format explaining the setup of laptop computers.

Legal stuff: you should really read the Rules governing the use of computers if you are unsure of what you are allowed to do with ICTP's computer system.

Computer labs are located in the lower level of the Adriatico Guest House, at the entrance levels of the Leonardo Building (the MBLab; the Blue Room is reserved to associate scientists) and the Galileo Guest House. Every computer lab has at least one printer with its name written on a sign nearby.

As operating system you can choose Windows or Linux at boot time. In Windows there is the standard Office software and the editor WinEdt for working in TeX. Scientific applications like Mathematica, Maple, Matlab, Fortran compilers etc. can be found in Linux. For a software listing click here.

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