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Installing software on ICTP's Macs

Normally it is necessary to have an administrator account to install (or update) software on a computer, so assistance by IT staff is required.

The Apple computers prepared by ICTS have a program called Managed Software Centre which allows for self-service updating and installation of selected optional software.

The program works only within the ICTP Campus, or with VPN active.


We download updates of the most often used applications (Office, Firefox, Thunderbird, Chrome, etc.) regularly to an ICTP internal repository. The client computers (desktops and laptops) will detect automatically whenever updates are available and start up the Managed Software Centre offering the user to install them. It's up to the user to decide when.

Please note that we do not provide these updates at the rhythm they are published by the companies because this would become a nuisance.

Installation of optional software

A few selected applications do not come pre-installed, but can be added (and later removed) by the users. To do this, or see what's available, activate the VPN if outside of ICTP, and start Managed Software Centre:

  • You might have an icon in the Dock.icon of Managed Software Centre
  • You can open Finder and look for it in the folder Applications
  • You can click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the screen, and start typing in the name (Manag...). Spotlight should suggest you the full name after typing the first few letters.

Click on the Applications icon, and you will see the list of available software. After clicking the Install button for one or more applications, you can watch the progress in the Updates section. Once downloading of all selected programs has finished, you can deactivate the VPN.

Please note that you will have to push updates for optional software by clicking on the Plus symbols in the Update section:

Update of optional software

Please avoid installing all available software, just install what you need.

Managed Software Centre

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