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Password update on ICTP Macs

This page provides information on what to do to change your ICTP password when you are using a Mac computer provided by the ICTP.

ICTP password versus local password

Please note that ICTP Macs are configured with local accounts. Although the username you have on your Mac is almost always identical to the username for email, WiFi etc., the password can be entirely different.

When you are told that you have to set up a new password, this means the ICTP (network) password and not the one used to enter or unlock your Mac.

How to change your password from a Mac

You can change your password via this web page. If this doesn't work for some reason, a less intuitive method is to open the application Terminal, type in the command ssh (and hit the Enter key), provide your password, and then passwd (literally, followed by the Enter key again) followed by your old and new passwords. At the end you can quit the Terminal application.

Change password via Terminal

After changing your ICTP password

Your ICTP password is probably stored in several places so that you don't have to enter it repeatedly: in Thunderbird, for WiFi and VPN access. When you set up a new ICTP password, you will have to update this information.

  • Thunderbird will try to access your mail with the stored password. When this fails, it will prompt you to enter a new password and optionally store it.
  • To update the password stored for VPN and WiFi, you need to have the application called VPN_ICTP Setup. Please verify that you have this program in the Applications folder. As a temporary solution you can use the VPN named VPN_Assistance where you will be prompted for your credentials at every connection.

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