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Convert a file to PDF

Creating files in Portable Document Format

PDF is the recommended format for sending documents (that do not need to be modified by the addressee) over the Internet. The standard program for creating PDF files - Adobe Acrobat - is not installed on our PCs. Instead, there exists a program to convert PostScript to PDF.

Therefore the first step is to get a PS version of your document. This can be done by "printing" to a file. Since all our printers are PostScript printers, the printer drivers produce PS output that needs only to be redirected to a file. Look at the application's print dialog for the corresponding option.

If you have a TeX file, after running TeX on it, you can convert the DVI file to PS using dvips. Alternatively you can try to run pdftex or pdflatex to obtain a PDF file directly.

To convert the PS file to PDF, use the command ps2pdf in Linux.

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