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Share files

Sharing files between operating systems, computers, users

Between Windows and Linux

All you have to do is put the file into your home directory which is accessible from both operating systems. It is the default working directory for Linux. In Windows XP, look out for the desktop icon named My ICTP Home Directory and double-click on it.

Between different computers

Again, the easiest way is to use your home directory which is accessible from all computers of the ICTP in a uniform way.

With all users of the ICTP

The subdirectory public of your home directory is readable by all ICTP users. To "get there" they have to use the path /afs/ictp/public/initial/username in Linux, or double-click on the ICTP public directories icon of the Windows desktop and look inside initial and username, where initial stands for the first letter of your username.

With all (or some) Internet users

In the past the directory WORLD inside public was accessible to everyone via anonymous FTP. This option has been removed due to security concerns.

Now the only possibility to make files readable by all or some Internet users is via a HTTP.

With selected users of the ICTP

Through the following Linux commands you can make files available to one or more selected ICTP users by creating a subdirectory inside public:

  cd public
  mkdir directory   fs setacl directory system:authuser none
  fs setacl directory system:anyuser none
  fs setacl directory otheruser rl

The first two fs setacl commands remove the access rights for all users, the third one gives it back for one specific user (in the place of otheruser, insert the other user's username!). You can also give him the rights to i(nsert) files and w(rite) (that is: modify existing) files, if you want. Append these letters to the rl in the above example.

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