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Use the EDUROAM wireless network

Configuring eduroam wireless network - For ICTP Users ONLY

The encrypted network eduroam is analogous in setup as ictp-secure.


The basic information you may need for configuring the WPA are:
  • Network/SSID: eduroam (you may have to manually type this in)
  • Data Encryption Method: AES or TKIP
  • EAP Type: PEAP
  • Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPv2
  • Network Authentication Method: WPA2 or WPA Enterprise
  • Domain:
  • CA Certificate: built-in or system


For credentials use your ICTP user account followed by as in: 


  and the password is your ICTP password (also when you are physically outside ICTP).

You can find this wireless network in many institutions worldwide and when you see a wireless network with the eduroam SSID you can use the ICTP credentials.

For operating system specific instructions please refer to the documentation for the ictp-secure wireless network taking care to use eduroam as SSID instead of ictp-secure.

The username should be the full ICTP email address (


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