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Filter spam in Pine

Go to the main menu (by pressing M) and choose Setup.

Choose Rules and then Filters. Note that this option does not exist on older versions of Pine, like those installed on the Sun Sparc workstations sv15, sv16, sv17 and sv18. Since these computers are going to be replaced in the near future, we will not update the software anymore. Hence you are invited to telnet to either or


Press Enter to add a new filter.


Move the cursor down to where the filter patterns are:


Press X and enter the text X-ASICTP-MailScanner-SpamScore and press Enter.


Now press A to add the value sssss and press Enter again.


Now move down to the action section and choose either a folder where to collect these messages (recommended at least in the beginning) or to delete them. To move them to a folder, choose Add in the folder line and specify one, e.g. spam. Check this folder regularly to make sure no regular messages was accidentally put there.

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