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Request for a Meeting

This form can be used to request an online meeting (not a webinar).

Please specify the title of the meeting
Enter date and the time the meeting will start
/ / :
Please enter end time in 24 hour format, local time (Italy)
When possible give an approximate number

Full name and e-mail address of additional contact person (if more information is needed before start of meeting)
If you want to have a poll, send us the questions at least 3-4 days before, indicate if they are single or multiple choice, and provide us the answers to choose from.
Specify who is going to be the moderator
if you want to record the event one of you should do it as co-host by saving the file on local computer and NOT on the cloud

NOTE: If you want to stream the meeting you should have your own channel, create the event by yourself and provide us the data to configure Zoom custom streaming service (primary server, stream key, URL).

Furthermore, once launched the streaming from Zoom there should be one of you ready to start and stop the streaming on your YouTube account.

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