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What software can I take home?

Listing of what software (used at the ICTP) can be copied and taken home

Whether you can copy a software and take it with you depends on whether it is commercial or under - for example - the GNU Public License.

  • Commercial software is copyrighted and usually requires a license server to be set up in the same network. Hence it is not only prohibited to make copies of it, it is also technically impossible to make them work without paying a license. Examples of such applications in use at the ICTP are Mathematica, Maple, Matlab, and the Portland Group compilers. It would be a waste of time to ask ICTS staff to have a copy.
  • Some programs have to be bought by institutions like the ICTP, but may be used for free by individuals. One such example are the Intel compilers.
  • Other programs are distributed freely and can also be downloaded from the Internet. This includes the Linux Operating system with the hundreds of applications it is usually packaged with.

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