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Available Software

General remarks

Several programs are controlled by a license server which limits the number of simultaneous users of the product at ICTP. This means that sometimes you might not be able to use a specific program because the maximum number of users has been reached. In general we are trying to keep the number of licenses high enough to avoid this situation.

Some applications we don't have: Microsoft Fortran, CorelDraw, WordPerfect.

In case you need a program that is not installed at ICTP, there are the following options:

  • freely available Linux software can often be installed by users into their home directories without the intervention of our system administrators. However, if you think that a program might be generally useful then we might install it system-wide upon your suggestion.
  • You can also suggest us to acquire licensed software if you are a long-term visitor or resident scientist. This is often done, for instance, for Matlab add-on modules.
  • All users who have a computer assigned to them at ICTP may install their own software in Windows XP. On the other hand, no software can be installed by users in the public labs.

These are the categories covered:

Operating Systems

Our PCs are dual-boot systems which allow you to choose between Windows and Linux at start-up time. Currently, the following versions are installed:

  • Windows 10
  • Linux Mint 18

TeX, LaTeX, AMSTeX, etc.

TeX (with all usual variants and packages) is installed both in Windows and Linux. In Windows we recommend using the editor TexnicCenter which you can find in the Start menu. It supports the editing of TeX with syntax color highlighting and provides buttons for the processing and viewing of the files.

If you are used to work in Linux you probably already have your favourite editor and know how to use it.

You can also send TeX files and Zip archives containing TeX and accompanying graphic files directly to our printers. Our printing system takes care of the conversion.

If there is a package missing which is required for your TeX file, please let us know.

Mathematical Applications

Name for OS Version Number of
Launch command Links
Maple Linux 16 5
maple9 (text mode)
xmaple9 (GUI)

Mathematica Linux 11.3 no limit
math (text mode)
mathematica (GUI)
Matlab Linux R2016b 200

The iCTP currently has campus licenses for two important applications: Matlab and Mathematica. This means that there should never be a shortage on available licenses for our computers, even when there is heavy use (for example in the lab session of a workshop). Resident scientists (staying for more than a year) can also obtain a network independent license for their laptop computers via the Computer Helpdesk.
As regards Matlab, please note that only the most popular toolboxes are installed on our desktop computers in order to optimize disk usage. Please contact us if you need another toolbox. If it is covered by our campus license then we can install it quickly to your desktop.


Name for OS Version Number of
Launch command Links
Intel Linux 13.0 10
ifort (Fortran 77 and 90)
On-line manuals
(Intranet only)

Graphical applications

Name for OS Version Number of
Launch command Links
Gimp Linux 2.4.5
no limit
Gnuplot Linux 4.2 no limit
Reference manual
Grace Linux 5.1.21 no limit

Xfig Linux 3.2.5 no limit

Office Applications

Linux users: note that you can run Microsoft Office also from within Linux. Look at the start menu, item ICTP software, Microsoft Office, or use one of the commands msword, msppt, msexcel, or msaccess.

Name for OS Version Number of
Launch command Links
from the Start menu

OpenOffice Linux 1.1 unlimited
from the Start menu,
menu item Office
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