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Luigi Stasi Seminar Room

Seminar Room

Located at the Leonardo da Vinci Building, first floor, this room has a maximum seating capacity of 50.
It was dedicated to Dr. Luigi Stasi in February 2010.





Standard equipment

DLP Projector

One ceiling mounted DLP beamer is available for projections. The recommended resolution is WXGA (1280x768) and the recommended frequency is 60 Hz. Standard 4:3 resolutions such as SVGA (1024x768) and XGA (1280x1024) are also supported.


Presentation Computer

A computer running both Linux and Windows 10 is connected to the LCD projector and can be used for presentations.


Using your own laptop

A spare VGA connector is available in order to connect your own portable computer to the room projectors. Please see the "DLP Projector" chapter above for recommended video settings.

Please Note: in order to connect your laptop to our projectors, you need a standard VGA socket. If your computer requires any adapter, please make sure to carry it with you.
Standard VGA socket, click to enlarge

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