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Juan José Giambiagi (1924 - 1996)

Juan José Giambiagi, better known as "Bocha" to his friends and colleagues, studied at the University
of Buenos Aires where he graduated in physics in 1948 and completed his doctorate in 1950. He
was a pioneer in the development of physics in Latin America, a charismatic leader and inspiring
Professor Giambiagi was one of the founders of the Escuela Latinoamericana di Física (ELAF) in
the 1960s and Director of the Centro Latinoamericano de Física (CLAF) from 1986 to 1994.
He collaborated with Carlos Guido Bollini and made important contributions to "dimensional
Professor Giambiagi's ties with ICTP started prior to its foundation when he participated in the
1962 preparatory conference, which led to the creation of the Centre. He was an early ICTP
Associate, Senior Associate and a close friend and strong supporter of ICTP. Professor Giambiagi
was a member of the ICTP Scientific Council from 1987 to 1995.
This lecture hall was dedicated to the memory of Professor Giambiagi in September 2001

Professor Juan José Giambiagi
Professor Juan José Giambiagi
Professor Juan José Giambiagi

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