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Informatics Laboratory


AGH 1S Floor Map The Informatics Laboratory (or Infolab in short) is located in the lower level of the Adriatico Guest House. Getting out of the elevator, turn right twice and you will see it in front of you. From the stairs you have to walk digonally to the right and then straight ahead.

The phone extension for this room is 637 (+39 040 2240637 from outside the ICTP). You can call for technical assistance by  dialing 548 from any internal phone.



  • 51 PCs of the HP Prodesk 600 G4 type.
  • A color laser printer with duplex unit and scanning capabilities, named apubc3 is available just outside the lab door. If the printer doesn't work, the nearest one is apubc2 outside the Eklund lab .

Presentation equipment

DLP Projectors

Two ceiling mounted DLP projectors are available for single (same image on both screens) projection. The maximum resolution is WUXGA (1920x1200); the recommended frequency range is 60-75 Hz. The projectors are compatible with a wide range of lower resolutions.

Using your own laptop

A spare VGA connector is available in order to connect your own portable computer to the room projectors. Please see the "DLP Projectors" chapter above for recommended video settings. 

Please Note: in order to connect your laptop to our projectors, you need a standard VGA socket. If your computer requires any adapter, please make sure to carry it with you.
Standard VGA socket, click to enlarge







The room is equipped with one tie clip radio microphone.

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