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ICTP has joined the GARR Italian eduroam federation and is now a member of the worldwide eduroam service federation.

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"open your laptop and be online"



ICTP has joined the GARR  Italian eduroam federation ( and is now a member of the worldwide eduroam service federation (

ICTP, as such, complies to the Regulations of the Federazione Italiana eduroam.

ICTP has two roles in this framework: Service Provider (SP) and Identity
Provider (IdP)

  •  SP - Service Provider

Guest users that belong to eduroam federated institution can connect to ICTP network using their own credential (user/password or certificates) which they normally use at home.

 (ICTP as As Service Provider is  forwarding requests from users visiting this SP to the responsible remote  eduroam IdP.

  •  IdP - Identity Provider

ICTP users, when visiting other eduroam federated institutions, can connect to the hosting network using their own ICTP credentials (user/password).

 (ICTP as an IdP  is responsible for authenticating its own users, at home or remotely when visiting another institution, by checking the credentials
 against a local Identity Management System).

NOTE:  Authentication setting for username should be set to your ICTP user account followed by, as in: 




SSID used is "eduroam".

Here you can find instructions on how to configure the wireless network in ICTP.



List of TCP/UDP open ports:

Service Protocol / Port Direction
Standard IPSec VPN IP protocol 50 (ESP)
IP protocol 51 (AH)
UDP port 500 (IKE)
incoming and outgoing 
incoming and outgoing
OpenVPN 2.0 UDP port 1194 incoming and outgoing
IPv6 Tunnel broker service  IP protocol 41  incoming and outgoing 
IPSec NAT-Traversal UDP/4500 incoming and outgoing 
Cisco IPSec VPN over TCP  TCP/10000 outgoing 
PPTP VPN  TCP port 1723

IP protocol 47 (GRE) 

incoming and outgoing
SSH TCP port 22 outgoing
HTTP TCP port 80
TCP port 443
TCP port 3128
TCP port 8080
Mail sending TCP port 465
TCP port 587
Mail reception TCP port 143
TCP port 993
TCP port 110
TCP port 995
FTP (passive) TCP port 21 outgoing


Acceptable Use Policies - AUP

As an eduroam user, you are bound by several Acceptable UsePolicies:

 - When at ICTP, you are bound to the GARR AUP, to ICTP AUP  and, if you are visting us, your home organisation's AUP.

 - When using eduroam as an ICTP visitor to an external organisation, you are bound by 
 ICTP AUP and the ones of the external organisation and hosting network.

The breach of AUP could result in disciplinary procedures at your home site or at the visiting location.


 "proxy" service is present at ICTP, proxy setup is documented in, "Web browsing" section. If you do not configure  proxy settings, interception proxy is deployed automatically. It will NOT  require users to submit personal information before gaining access to the Internet.


For problems, if you are a visitor at ICTP, you should first contact your home organisation eduroam support for help: they will track the problem and in case contact us. 

If you are an ICTP eduroam user having problems with eduroam, also when visiting other organisations,  contact our Helpdesk.

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