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Before your visit

Useful information for the preparation of your visit


To make sure you can continue working with your devices (laptop computers etc.) during your stay at the ICTP, please read this page carefully. The following points are covered:

Bringing your data and software

There are two aspects to pay attention to: that the media you choose for transporting will be readable at the ICTP and that we have software that can handle it. Additionally, make sure that your files are virus-free by scanning them using the most recent virus databases.

As regards the media, CDs and DVDs are recommended. USB memory sticks usually work well. Diskettes are not very reliable and are not recommended. Tape cartridges are also problematic and should not be used. When possible, take a second copy with you in case the first one turns out to be unreadable. Making your files accessible for download via the Internet is also a good idea.

Check the list of Available Software to ensure that you can work on your files. If (and only if) you are a long-term visitor you can also install software of your own on the computer assigned to you.

Electric power

plugs If you bring any electrical devices, make sure that you have the right power cables or adapters. Plugs that can be used are the Italian type (with or without neutral terminal) and the German type. The so-called Euro plug fits, too.

outlets Some outlets can also be used with the US type of plug (without grounding). Don't expect to find this type of outlet everywhere inside the ICTP!

If you don't have the Italian or German type of power plug, we strongly recommend buying an adapter in your country, for example at the airport. Once you are in Italy it is much more difficult to get one suited for your devices. In particular, at the ICTP no adapters for power plugs are available.

Another issue is the tension. In Europe it is 230 Volt. Usually the transformers of laptop computers can handle any voltage from 100-240, but you should verify this before connecting yours.

Network connections


RJ45 The Ethernet connections available at the ICTP make use of RJ-45 connectors.

In order to connect your laptop to the ICTP from a guest room of the AGH or GGH, you need a network cable of your own. In or near most computer labs there are desk spaces dedicated to laptop users. There you will find network cables ready to use, permanently attached to the network outlets.

Firewall restrictions: For security reasons there are many network restrictions. One of them is relevant for people using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to connect to their home institutions. All such connections must be initiated from within the ICTP. We cannot allow connections to be initiated from outside.

You cannot directly connect to external computers using the standard HTTP port 80. Our proxy server must be used for this purpose.

Modem access

It is not possible to connect to the ICTP network via modem! Modem cables have plugs looking similar to those of type RJ45 (see photo above), but are narrower and only have two or four wires. You could use the modem cable to connect to an Italian or international Internet provider if you are subscribed to one, but it doesn't make much sense to pay for the phone costs when you can use ICTP's LAN for free.

Wireless network

There is also a wireless network at the ICTP. It uses WPA and requires that the software driver for your wifi card is fairly recent, so you might need to update it from the manufacturer's web site. Soon there will be another wireless network available which does not have any software requirements other than the precence of a web browser. In every case you need to have your ICTP account information ready. You will get it from the secretary of your workshop or hosting scientific group during the registration process. For more information, see How to use the wireless network.

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