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HOWTO - fixing problems with user imap folders

  1. When the user gets an error message on login or has problems accessing a particular folder. That is the IMAP returns an error message.

it is necessary to carry out the following operation on

  • login via ssh as as root:
        ssh root@imap
  • su to user cyrus:
        su - cyrus
  • Run the tool to fix the mailboxes of the user (PLEASE DO NOT RUN THIS TOOL WITHOUT SPECIFYING A mailbox (user/<loginname>):
          /usr/lib/cyrus/ictp-imapd/ictp_reconstruct -r -i  user/<loginname>
      Wait until it finishes
  • exit from user cyrus and from the root account:
       exit; exit
  1. All mailbox issues apart from quota are fixed by running the tool:
       /usr/lib/cyrus/ictp-imapd/ictp_reconstruct -r -i  user/<loginname>
  2. All users have a default quota of 2GB. For some users sabrina, krs, alvi, giorgi their quota are unlimited as they already had over 2GB of e-mails.. quota issues may be detected from the log files /var/log/mail/info

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