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Welcome to the ICTP Procurement Office Home Page


The ICTP Procurement Office is in charge for the overall process of acquisition of goods, works and/or services, by purchase or lease or by contracting, for all offices/sections at ICTP and for the General Services needs, in response to specific Purchase Requests received from Allotment Holders through FABS.

The provisions of the UNESCO rules on Procurement of Goods, Works and Services as per Admin.Manual - Chapter 10.2 apply to all ICTP procurement activities.   You may download here the UNESCO training module on Internal Control and on Procurement policies and processes, that was presented at ICTP during September and October 2016 sessions.  

A minimum of three quotations are required for any acquisition above the threshold of 5,000.00 USD (see circular by DIR ICTP dtd 27 March 2014).   Competitive bidding above this threshold may be avoided only if one of the waiver conditions set in the UNESCO Manual may be justified and documented, through submission of the waiver request form

All tenders and bids are advertised on the ICTP main webpage at

In case of any purchase or contract above USD 150,000 (USD 100,000 for waivers) and for the approval of all Long Term Agreements, the UNESCO Headquarters Contracts Committee needs to be consulted in advance.

KINDLY NOTE THAT: ICTP is exempt from VAT in Italy and in the EU for any amounts higher than 300 euro.  A declaration is attached to all Purchase Orders that qualify for the exemption.  Online Purchases usually require prepayments or credit card use and for this reason they should be limited only to those cases that can be justified for valid reasons or when there is no other payment alternative. Please note also that the Procurement Office may require several days to process such payments, due to the necessary authorizations and especially when the amount qualifies for VAT exemption, since a valid proforma invoice needs to be obtained from the supplier.

The Procurement Office is also responsible for assuring correct delivery of ordered goods, which should be physically routed through the Infopoint/Mail Office. All delivery notes and invoices are received and recorded in FABS by InfoPoint, therefore direct delivery to single offices should be avoided, if not agreed in advance with procurement, such as for volume/weight reasons.

 For any further information or for any question regarding Requests for Procurement, Purchase Orders or Contracts for Services, please contact the Procurement Office (room 216/219 E.Fermi building) preferably by e-mail to

or call ext. 506 (Silvana Medica), 664 (Sveva Sasso) or 635 (Raffaele Corona).


Inventory Control

The Procurement Office is also in charge of maintaining updated Inventory Records and of the Property Control of all ICTP assets, including disposal of obsolete, damaged or discarded assets. 

In order to start any disposal action, please fill out and submit to procurement the UNESCO Asset disposal form. The form must be signed by the originating custodian and countersigned by the responsible allotment holder.

The UNESCO rules on Property Control (Admin.Manual - Chapter 10.1) are applied on this matter. 

You may download here the UNESCO training module on Asset Management for your easy reference.

For any matter regarding Inventory please refer to the following e-mail address:

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