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Dr. Luigi Stasi (1921 - 2009)

Dr. Luigi Stasi short biography

Luigi Stasi’s name will always remain associated to those of Abdus Salam and Paolo Budinich in all matters relevant to the establishment of the Trieste System, including the costruction of ICTP's buildings in Miramare.

A trained lawyer, Stasi worked mainly at high-level managerial positions at the universities of Trieste and Turin, and was chairman of Trieste’s local authorities for utilities and council housing.

His involvement with international institutions began in 1961 when he was appointed Secretary of the Town Committee that was established by Trieste’s Mayor Mario Franzil to support the candidature of Trieste as host city to the proposed international centre for physics.

Stasi remained in the same post after the Committee was turned into the Consortium of Physics, until 1979. The following year, he became Secretary of the newly-established Fondazione Trieste, a post which he held until early 2009.

Throughout the years, his competence and assertive personality—grounded on strict ethical principles—ensured the realization of ideas and ideals conceived by Budinich and Salam for expanding international cooperation in fundamental science for the benefit of less fortunate countries.

Thanks to these efforts, Trieste is now the seat of several United Nations and nationally renowned scientific institutions that contribute to the progress of science and technology in developed and developing countries.


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