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Simons Associates

20 Simons Associate positions has been opened at the ICTP for the 6 year period 2020-2025. The choice of Simons Associates is based on excellence in the field of research, service to the scientific community and outreach.


Criteria For Application

  • The applicant must have proven excellence in their field of research and they must be active researchers in one of the areas of interest to the ICTP.

  • The applicant must have contributed to the scientific community in the country where they reside, in the region or internationally.

  • The applicant must have their affiliation (home institute) in a developing country. They need not be nationals of a developing country.
  • It is desirable that the applicant has participated in outreach activities.

The Award

Each Simons Associate is allocated a sum of Euro 23,000 to cover the 6 year period 2020- 2025 with the following rules:

  • Each Associate would be allowed 4 visits to the ICTP over the 6 year period at their convenience with a total of 4 months (4 × 30 days) being made available.

  • The Simons Associate must visit the ICTP on at least 3 occasions.

  • Each visit would be in units of a month (30 consecutive days) so, for example, one could visit twice in 2020 for a total of 2 months, then once in 2022 for one month.

  • The salary for the Simons Associates will be Euro 3,000 per month.

  • The Associate may bring a student with them for the duration of their visit. The salary for the student will be Euro 1,200 per month.

  • Travel costs will come out of the allocated sum, however, the ICTP can be partially flexible if costs of travel need to be augmented to support a visit.

  • Visits to the ICTP start in February 2020. 


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