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Details of Group Associates

In the context of the fundamental goal of the Abdus Salam ICTP of promoting research in Developing Countries it has become apparent that, in many countries, due in part to historical reasons combined with budgetary restrictions, research is hampered not only by isolation but even more by the atomization of the research interests. It therefore makes sense to promote Research Collaboration Groups rather than individuals. As a step in this direction the Associates and Federation office has granted the possibility of applying for a Group Association.

Research Groups which are entitled to participate in this new programme must of course be operating in developing countries and with people working in the same or in nearby Institutes.  The collaboration has to be well established and documented preferably by joint publications and exceptionally by cross references.

Group Association awards last six years and basically correspond to a certain number of normal Association awards. This number is determined by the Selection Committee in relation to the number of components of the Group but it can not exceed 1 Association award for 2 components Groups, 2 for Groups with 3 and 4 components, 3 for Groups with 5 or 6 components. Larger Groups should present separate applications keeping into account that each Group component can participate to one Group-application only.

According to their age Group Members will have the privileges of Senior, Regular or Junior Associates while visiting the ICTP.

A Group Association Grant corresponding to a certain number X of normal Associations consists of:

* An allocation of money equal to X multiplied by the sum presently allocated to Senior Associate,  times the fraction of Senior Members of the Group. This grant is to be used according to the rules governing Senior Associations.

* A certain number of visits to the ICTP with fares paid. This number will be equal to three times X multiplied by the fraction of the Regular+Junior Members of the Group. In case of a resulting fractional number, it will be approximated to the closest integer number. If it is exactly half an integer number it will be approximated by excess. Each visit will have a minimum duration of six weeks up to a maximum of 90 days.

The ICTP requests all members of the Group together to present a plan of visits to the ICTP for the period of validity of the Associateship. We expect that the plan will follow a reasonable healthy policy of rotation of the visits and that Senior Members will use the allocated money grant. However with sufficient motivation the Group may propose a different plan that best suits their interests. The plan will be approved by the Selection Committee. Minor modifications to it during the period of the Associateship are possible if they do not modify the basic equilibrium of utilization. Still we expect that there be no more than 3 modifications proposed during the 6 years.

The Group Association application should be addressed to the Associateship Office and it will consist of the Associate application forms of each Group Component plus a covering letter explaining the character of the Group and the logistics aspects of the scientific collaboration (distance between Institutes, communication lines, sharing of facilities etc.).

Applications for Group Associateship should be sent to the Associate Scheme Office by 30 September of each year. Please note that scientists who already have a current Associateship award are not eligible to apply for Group Associateship.

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