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Space and Service Request Form

Activity info
Please specify the SMR or activity number and click on Update
Working Hours
Informatic Laboratory and Computer Services
Overview of computer equipment in Infolabs
E-mail of the contact person:
If the Laboratory is needed before the activity starts, or after it ends, even for a single day, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you indicate it!
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Technical Requirements
Details regarding standard presentation equipment is available at the address %%%%%% For any other technical request please fill in the following field indicating the email of an optional contact person.
Additional Offices/Requirements
from 8:30 AM to 4:48 PM, Monday to Friday


At AGH and LB, mandatory presence of maintenance staff is foreseen for safety reasons. Assistance for multimedia equipment (at AGH) and informatic labs (AGH and LB): upon activity's direct request to interested parties. Activities' budgets will be charged accordingly.
Poster Session
At Leonardo Building: P Gallery, Lobby, 51 magnetic boards, wall-mounted, mt 1.25 (height x 1.22 (width) At Adriatico GH: outside KLH, 26 wall-mounted boards, size of each board mt 2.00 (height) x 1.00 (width) for total 26 sq. mts. + 4 mobile boards of 4 faces each, size of each face mt 1.90 (height) x 1.20 (width); total 16 faces for 36.48 sq. mt.
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Participants' registration

Certificates of Attendance

Other Requirements

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