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Sigvard Arne Eklund (1911 - 2000)

Sigvard Arne Eklund, a distinguished Swedish scientist and administrator, was the second Director
General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). He started his first term in 1961 and
remained in his post for 20 years, leaving the Agency in 1981. After his retirement, the IAEA General
Conference decided by acclamation to confer upon him the title of Director General Emeritus of
the IAEA.
His work for the IAEA was characterized by the President of the General Assembly of the United
Nations as follows: "Dr. Eklund's firm hand and wise guidance have served as an example of the
benefits which strong leadership can provide in the field of international organizations".
In 1968, Professor Eklund received the "Atoms for Peace" award along with Abdus Salam and
Henry DeWolf Smyth.
Professor Eklund was a strong supporter of Professor Abdus Salam's idea of creating, under the
aegis of the United Nations, an International Centre for Theoretical Physics and forcefully
recommended its creation. The Centre started functioning on the 1st of October 1964 with some
IAEA funds and under its administration until 1996. Professor Eklund remained a close friend of
ICTP throughout his life. The ICTP Prize was awarded in his honour in 1985.
This informatics laboratory was dedicated to the memory of Professor Eklund in May 2000

Professor Sigvard Arne Eklund Professor Sigvard Arne Eklund
Professor Sigvard Arne Eklund and others scientists

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